The Southdowns National Park
I have had the opportunity to Photograph many beautiful parts of the UK, quite often though i have reflected on the beautiful scenery local to where i live namely the newly formed "Southdowns National Park".

Whilst it is not spectacular with high craggy mountains or still lakes it has a form of beauty all of its own ranging from Beachy Head in Eastbourne to Cheesfoot Down in Winchester.

With this piece of work i have endeavoured to capture some of what i feel to be the overriding characteristics of the "Southdowns National Park".

Beautiful soft rolling hills covered in crops of wheat and Barley most spectacular with the light of a Summers day rippling on them, the way the clouds unveil the fields as they move tirelessly on thier way.

Beautiful Copses set in rolling hills covered in crops, Poppys bobbing in the wind, spectacular wildflowers clinging to life in the harsh chalky and flint ridden soil.

Milky white rivers that amble to the sea, milky white from its journey through the chalky Downs.

Stunning clouds in a brilliant blue sky, Lightening trees left to scare passers by.

Images taken in Amberly, Cocking, Midhurst, Buriton, Butser Hill, Cissbury, Chichester and the Kingley Vale.